Collecting with Kollekts

After years of building we have a collection that we are proud of, but have a hard time displaying it. We decided to build Kollekts as a way to put all of our thoughts and learning s about our hobbies in one place and share with others.

Build with your imagination.

Compare the best LEGO sets. Browse our exclusive reviews to find the best LEGO builds for adults and children alike. Is lego enjoyable, but not challenging enough? Have you built Technic sets?

Know what you have.

Where should you keep track of the sets you own, and how to find out their value. How to store the kits correctly, is it time to pack up for a move? How to transport some of those bigger sets.

Launch your model kit hobby.

New to Model Kits, or GunPla? Should you paint a model before assembling it? Will you display your model or use it for play? We answer your questions about starting a new model kit hobby – and more.

Race at scale.

Have you seen some interesting Slot Car racing tracks around town, and are worried about going in to check it out? Build your own slot cars for at-home play or for a day at the “track”.

Enjoy the smallest details.

Diorama ideas, techniques for displaying, motorizing and showing off your creations.

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