Bird of Paradise (LEGO #10289) – Review

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The Perfect Invitation to the LEGO Botanical Collection

Brick for brick, the LEGO Botanical Bird of Paradise is the most expensive botanical build to date, but for a beginner or intermediate builder, the design offers a satisfying and simple excursion into a tropical realm.

From Root to Stem

This build came together quite quickly; this may not offer advanced LEGO builders the same satisfaction of other non-botanical builds, yet is more complex than the LEGO Wildflower Bouquet or the LEGO Dried Flower Centerpiece.

The base comes together quite quickly and easily, but is still complex enough to be interesting. Once the build gets to the stem, leaf, and flower stage, the real fun begins.

Post-Build Bliss

We appreciated how this design mimics closely the movement, imagination, and intrigue of the real plant. The real bird of paradise plant has adapted its unique flower and leaf formation to allow wind to blow through the leaves without putting strain on the plant’s roots. We believe the design of this build brings that same dynamic movement into the finished product; we even had a blast running a fan and watching our LEGO brick “plant” sway in the wind.

Some of the real joy for us came in the placement and adjustment of the leaves, which sit sturdily on different lengths of stems in the unique base. Like spending time arranging cut flowers in a vase, we found ourselves losing our sense of time when choosing how and where our leaves and flowers would be positioned.

Build Notes and Surprises

The build itself is predictable and quick. However, we were surprised by the techniques used to allow the leaves and flowers to move and sway once constructed. We loved the adaptability of the build and its prominent height and stunning allure.

A Little Too Delicate

The most challenging part of this build wasn’t the build itself, but the displaying of it in our home. With two young kids around, we had to find a good place where we wouldn’t need to be moving it from place to place—because when we did, the panels on the side of the flower pot would easily come lose, spilling the little LEGO ‘dirt” across the table.

Once we found a suitable home for the LEGO Bird of Paradise (on a buffet tabletop in the kitchen, well out of reach of little hands), it has found a permanent place in our home.


The LEGO Bird of Paradise from the Botanical Collection is a well-designed build that brings the beauty of nature into the LEGO world. With its vibrant colors, intricate flower design, and realistic movements, this build offers a delightful and satisfying experience for builders of all skill levels.

From the quick assembly of the base to the creative arrangement of leaves and flowers, we enjoyed each step of the build without any frustration.

While the LEGO Bird of Paradise may be a bit delicate and require a stable spot for display, finding the perfect place to showcase this botanical wonder is well worth the effort. Once it finds its permanent home, it becomes a captivating centerpiece that will garner you comments from visitors for years to come.

Overall, the LEGO Bird of Paradise is a must-have for LEGO enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It not only offers a gratifying building experience but also serves as a reminder of the incredible beauty and diversity found in the natural world.

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