Five Mother’s Day LEGO Sets: Gifts Your Mom Will Love

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As a mom of two young kids, there’s nothing like resetting my nervous system through a quiet, peaceful LEGO build while listening to a true crime podcast or the latest binge-able Netflix show.

Mothering is hard. And finding the best mindful activity to destress, find a sense of calm, and at the same time, add to my home decor without also adding to the clutter around me doesn’t need to be hard, too.

If you’re looking for a gift for a busy millennial Mom who also happens to love building LEGO, here are our top five picks!

  1. Daffodils

    A simple yet satisfying build, we love the unique elements of the daffodil design and ability to move each of the leaves (and spin the flowerheads!). We purchased two sets to fill out a bouquet, and you can’t beat the price! We love that two yellow and two white flowers are included to give a little variety.

    This is also a great set for the LEGO beginner, or the Mom who loves simple crafts and doesn’t have a lot of time to invest in a build (because, let’s face it, we’re all in that boat together!).

    Product ID: #40747
    Number of Pieces: 216
    MSRP: $14.99
  2. Succulents

    This is one of my absolute favorite builds from the LEGO Botanicals collection. Each succulent is expertly designed and unique enough to be challenging, taking thought and concentration to create. I love the adjustability of each block — you can move the blocks around or even display them individually. There’s even a hidden compartment for extra connector pieces!

    The build is performed in three sets of three, so if you happen to get interrupted (ahem), it’s easy to finish up the few plants you’re working on and leave the rest for another day. Had I sat down to complete this build from start to finish, I estimate it would have taken me about two hours — I’m not fast! — but it did take me three evenings to complete. I felt it was well worth the investment!

    Product ID: #10309
    Number of Pieces: 771
    MSRP: $49.99

  3. Hokusai — The Great Wave

    We at Kollekts love a LEGO dot build…once in a while. If the Mom in your life is a fan of diamond painting or other meditative, repetitive craft, this is a surefire winner. Priced at $99.99, The Great Wave provides a good block of time in entertainment, making it a solid value. We love the look and feel of the layered bricks, and it’s a very satisfying build to put together.

    The Great Wave has the added benefit of being built inside a LEGO frame, a cool display element that makes it feel less like LEGO and more like the art piece from which its design is inspired.

    Product ID: 31208
    Number of pieces: 1810
    MSRP: $99.99
  4. Natural History Museum

    If you are looking for a higher price point Mother’s Day LEGO gift and are certain the Mom in your life is an avid LEGO builder, this is the selection you’ll want to go for. Part of the LEGO: ICONS collection, The Natural History Museum is part of the Modular Buildings designs. If you already have a LEGO town going, this is the perfect addition! Details include a curator’s office, astronomy exhibit, artifacts, and more. Both the exterior and interior provide a level of detail that’s extremely satisfying both during the build and once put together.

    Product ID: 10326
    Number of pieces: 4014
    Number of Minifigures: 7
    MSRP: $299.99
  5. Wildflower Bouquet

    Surprising no one, this beautiful, abundant bouquet tops our list of Mother’s Day LEGO gifts. It’s my second-favorite LEGO Botanical Collection build so far (purely for sentimental reasons; nothing will ever top my original Birds of Paradise!), due to both the complexity of some of the individual flowers and of the satisfaction of the build as a whole. I loved the vibrant colors, the foliage, and the size of the bouquet. While the cost per brick is a little higher than we would like, we still felt the Wildflower Bouquet is a good value for money at its price of $59.99.

    We also appreciate the loose stems, allowing for a more customized build; for a unique and playful combo, add some Daffodils (#40747)Sunflowers (#40524)Lotus Flowers (#40647), or even stems from the Flower Bouquet (#10280).

    Product ID:
    Number of pieces: 939
    Price: $59.99
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