Motorized Lighthouse (LEGO #21335) – Review

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The LEGO Motorized Lighthouse features the eponymous lighthouse on its own rocky island with a cave and a shack for the Lighthouse keeper to stay in. However the most interesting part of the model is also featured in the name, it is motorized.

The set provides a medium motor (6290183), battery box (6380609), and a cable with lights (6238858) – This is enough to light the fireplace in the cottage and act as the Light house’s bulb, don’t be fooled, the working Fresnel lens (part #1942 in clear, so far unique to this set) included in the set makes the light plenty bright.

Inside the rock-face of the island, there is some space, but not enough to do too much, it is mainly a way of having the gears and the battery pack be hidden.

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