LEGO for Adults

Many of us remember building LEGO sets as children, but there is a growing group of adults that have found this practice to be relaxing and rewarding. We like to say that all lego is grown up lego, but how do you know if it is right for you or the right gift for a friend?

Are LEGO for adults? Can adults build LEGO?

Of course! LEGO is a very nostalgic expereience for many, but for model builders, it is a cost effective way of having some of their passions on display. Many build dioramas and go aftermarket to add lighting to their sets. 

Some others have also seen an opportunity in the collecting of sets. Sets are diecontinued every few years, and some sets in their collection end up fetching a higher price than what they paid.

Will I enjoy LEGO?

At a base level, building lego is a 3D puzzle. You will be told what pieces go where, you need to search for the pieces from the bags, and you will look at the images in the instruction booklet and identify the blocks that have an orange-ish outline around them. Depending on the difficulty of the sets there might be more grouped changes in each step. 

When looking at sets, dont only consider the age range as a difficulty measure. For example LEGO Art sets and LEGO Icons Botanicals are very intricate but are very begginer friendly. The LEGO Modular sets are more involved with different building techniques and intricate details, like rugs and tile work.

If you enjoy puzzles, I would consider taking a look at the sets LEGO has to offer to see if any of them might be a welcome addition to your home decor. 

What LEGO makes a good gift? 

When you shop for others, you should consider their interests in life. LEGO has sets that feature flowers, cars, insects, buildings and even the sets of very popular tv shows. Chances are you could find something that your firend or loved one would like. 

Be aware however that unless you know that they have experience buidling LEGO, it might be frustrating for somebody to be gifted a set that is too complicated. This is good news however, for your wallet at least, most of the play scale sets look great on a shelf, and have relatively accessible prices. If your goal is to give somebody with LEGO experience a challenge, you might end up having to look at some sets that will run you well over $100.

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